Another walk – this time on the moor.

The forecast for Sunday was sunshine all day, so we packed up another picnic, invited a family from church to join us, and after the morning service headed for Venford Reservior on the moor, near Hexworthy.

But as we travelled, the cloud set in and by the time we arrived, it was raining and dark šŸ˜¦ We ate our picnics in our cars and waited, and waited, to see if it would clear. We were determined not to give in and go home, but everyone was pretty bored by the time we agreed to venture out to see what we could salvage of the day. One friend had his fishing gear with him and headed for the water, while the rest of us headed up the hill … we soon split up, some preferring to take the easy path by the waters edge, others heading straight for the highest point at nearby Combestone Tor. DH was too restless after a busy morning at church, so he and I headed off along a marked bridleway, on route to the same Tor but going ‘the long way round’!

Combestone Tor

The path went straight down, perhaps a few hundred feet, until we crossed a clapper bridge over a stream (some of these bridges on the moor are hundreds of years old – and this one is so remote it’s not even mentioned on the map) to began the climb uphill again. Eventually, we found ourselves walking along an ancient field boundary, with hut circles, through what once must have been an mediaevalĀ droveway. The whole area is full of ancient architectural history – even some of the dry stone walls are hundreds of years old.

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It was a much shorter route back, and we soon joined the others at the Reservoir for a spot of fly fishing and some bird watching. A perfect end to a lovely weekĀ :)