No … there is no post for Day 2 :( I was travelling, and don’t have the patience to try and post from a tablet – too fiddly.

I’m not yet fully decided as to how I want to use this journal time. I have never kept a diary for any length of time … and the one time I did attempt to journal my spiritual journey, it became far too introspective. Nor is anyone interested in the minutiae of my daily life (for which reason I have never seen the point of Twitter) :mellow: But, I think for the next 38 days (two down, 38 to go … ), I should like to exercise the discipline of recording God … that is, since he is active in my life, I commit myself to looking to see what he is doing each day. The bible tells us to be thankful at all times and to give thanks whenever we pray, and it’s something we often fail to do – it can be hard to see just what God is doing, and how he is answering prayer, simply because we are focussed elsewhere, on our busyness or our problems or a screen.

So, how have I seen God these past two or three days? As you know, I’ve been at a clergy wives conference (and as part of the planning committee, I have come home with a list of jobs that will keep me busy for some time in preparation for next year!) … but while I’m actually there, I can generally relax and focus, especially on prayer. Not the sort of prayer that you do alone, or with heads bowed and hands together. But the kind of prayer that happens as you talk to someone, unspoken prayer as you hold them before God while they share their situation with you. Jesus promised that when two or three gather in his name, he is there, with them. And I trust that when, as Christians, we gather to worship and fellowship together, Jesus is there with us. So prayer happens as we include him in our conversations … no need to stop and tell God what you have just shared with each other … he was there, he heard, he knows already. The prayer simply happens as you feel for someone, take on board their grief or their joy, recognise that God is present, even in the pain.

Of course there is a place for spoken prayer (or silent prayer with words, if you see what I mean), both alone and with someone else. But we underestimate God’s involvement in our lives if we tell him all the details of our problem and call it prayer! Prayer is not a shopping list of needs. Nor is it telling God how to answer our prayers. But this post isn’t about to turn into a sermon about prayer … though you might ask yourself, if that’s not prayer, what is?! I am supposed to be telling you about seeing God in the every day. And this week I met him in the lives of so many different people. In their patience and trust and joy and laughter and pain and hopes and fears …

You get the picture. I’m not really a ‘touchy-feely’ sort of girl, but these few days with my sisters in Christ each year is a very emotional time, not least because we have so much in common. Not that we are at all alike … I am always astonished at the variety of women God calls to support the men he calls to work in the Church of England (who are almost as varied as their wives) … ! But there is something special about being with a bunch of women who understand about the pressures of ministry without being told and who believe you! (There is no point in explaining that last point … you either get it, or you don’t … )

So I have seen a lot of God recently. The challenge now is to see him here, at home, in my everyday … so that’s what I’ll be using this Lent challenge to do … and who knows, it may become a habit.

Yesterday’s 40Acts was to create a generosity jar … I was delighted to come home to find that both DH and DD2 had separately committed themselves to 40ActsI already had a tub with loose change in it on a shelf, so we have converted that to a family generosity box and will, when possible, accept our challenges together :)