(Sundays aren’t part of the Lent fast, so I refuse to feel guilty that I didn’t write yesterday!)

I am too busy … actually, both DH and I are too busy, which is the problem … if either one of us is overworked, the other can compensate, but when we are both busy, things get stressful. There is a very good book on prayer called Too Busy Not To Pray (perhaps I should read it again, it’s been a while), but the busier I get, the less concentration I seem to have … and I never have much energy in the first place.

I’ve been using PrayerMate for a few weeks now (I’m on Android, not IOS, if you’re at all interested) which is a great way to organise your prayer list, and I find it very useful for intercessory prayer. I love being able to switch in an instant from the app to write an email to someone on my list for the day etc. But I need to stop doing (even prayer) and simply be (in the presence of God) a bit more often. There are so many books I want to read, films I want to watch, projects I want to finish … but if I sit still for any length of time, I tend to fall asleep.

Enough of that … it was a joy yesterday to see some new faces in church, albeit passing strangers there simply to hear their banns read. We had a good number at DC2, which is an encouragement, since after a period of growth our numbers have fallen back in recent weeks. But once again I was too busy! I have a ministry of the gaps at DC1, so among other things I sit at the sound desk and manage the song projection. Yesterday I did the same job at DC2 since no-one there has the confidence to manage a Powerpoint presentation as well as the songs, and I was still editing song words when the service started :doh: I miss being able to sit in the stillness before the service begins (or rather, to sit still, since we’re not big on stillness or silence at either church!).

I know this is a season that will pass (a recurring theme at our clergy wives’ conference last week), but just now I can’t see when it will end … and that’s adding to my stress.