Yes, I missed another day …

You would not believe the day I had yesterday! But I’m not going to go on about how busy I am any more. It’s up to me to make time (not find time, as I heard someone say this morning) … to pray, to be still, to enjoy God’s presence, to rest in his love. Even five minutes a day would be an improvement, and how hard can it be to set aside five minutes (and stay awake)?!

Actually, part of the problem is that I know five minutes won’t be enough. A while ago, I taught myself simply to hold people in prayer before God, not to use too many words, not to tell him what to do for them. But more often, I try to discern their need, taking time to think about them and their situation. Again, I have found PrayerMate useful, as there are a number of downloadable prayers you can add to the app, including some from OMF on how to pray for missionaries. And I do love to pray. I was taught that a good Christian has a ‘quiet time’ each morning with God, reading the Bible and praying. I still agree that it’s a good discipline in principle, but mornings aren’t always practical for families with children. And mornings tend to be the time I actually have some physical energy, so when I get up, I get on (though I really must remember to bring the day before God before it starts, however briefly).

However, I know that I don’t get to sleep as soon as I go to bed, so for some years now I have used that time to read and pray, before settling down for the night. Some nights it’s not very long before I feel sleepy, and some nights it’s much longer. I don’t feel guilty on the odd occasion that I don’t manage to read or pray for long as there are nights that I don’t sleep well at all and I spend my waking moments working through my regular prayers until I drop off again.

Today was a completely different day (though I still had some mishaps along the way, including ruining a cake I’d made for the coffee morning before I’d even arrived!).

I am not an extrovert, but I love being with people. I went to a home group last evening … not my usual group as we’re not meeting this week. It’s such a joy to be with people who want to know more, to pray, to grow. And this morning we held our church coffee morning, a regular monthly event. Each month we have a different mix of folk who join us. I find some people easier than others, but what I love best is drawing out the quiet ones, finding just the right question that gets them talking and telling their story. It wasn’t quite like that today, as I found it quite hard to be with someone who only wanted to talk about themselves and their issues … and I didn’t quite find the grace to spend the time praying as I listened. But I can still pray for them, now that I’ve realised my fault.

I’m not sure if that counts for today’s generous act

We think the humble telephone may possibly be the most neglected appliance in our households. Almost ornamental, in fact. Your act today is simple: pick up the phone and reconnect with someone you’ve not spoken to in a while. It might be a best friend, a distant relative, or just someone you’ve lost contact with. Give the phone call the time and space it needs – devote your attention to reconnecting with someone today.

… but it will have to do … I really must stop now, finish my job for today (the notice sheet) and go and get some tea!