It’s no good … blogging just isn’t high enough up my priority list for me to write a daily post, but yesterday I did manage three short times with God during the day, working through various daily reading schemes for Lent. However DH has taken up the challenge to write a daily blog during Lent … he has a blog with a direct link to the church website … and I am really enjoying reading his thoughts. I often wish he would write more. He doesn’t write every day, but writes an entry for every day, even if he has to catch up with two or more entries occasionally.

I spend far too much time on the ‘net some days … but I hope I am discerning as to what I read … I skim a lot of stuff my friends post on Facebook, for example! I have found a number of articles on the Gospel Coalition blog of some interest recently … written mostly for an American audience, but often easy enough to interpret for our rather different church culture here in the UK. I regularly read various other blogs, whether Christian in content or craft or chicken based. There are very few I read absolutely every day, and I will pass over nearly all of them if I haven’t read for a number of days and entries are backing up (I use Feedly as a blog reader), but I learn such a lot from them all, including news of friends to use as prayer fuel.

I try not to turn my computer on at all some days, DH’s day off, and some Sundays.  However, now I have the tablet … so the boundaries are somewhat blurred. My desk is upstairs, and it feels a bit isolated, so I have enjoyed using the tablet in the dining room or lounge with others around … and I have managed to programme it to use as a remote control for the television so I always have an excuse to have it with me! In fact, I enjoy the tablet so much I bought one for DH for our anniversary. But it is quite frustrating to write anything of length on a touch screen (I wish there was a backspace key!).

Enough for today … I need to be a little more sociable since we are both in the same room at the same time … and besides, Question of Sport is on!!