This is the view from DC2, from the decking beside the hall area – you can see for miles … the hills in the distance are in Cornwall. Although you can’t see the River Tamar (the county boundary) in this picture (or the railway line some 15ft below this point!), you only have to walk a few yards into the local park to look out over the river and the dockyard. It’s a beautiful view … and if you squint a little and tip your head, you can pretend the foreground simply isn’t there –


It really looks quite rural, doesn’t it?! And I love it … on a sunny day it lifts my heart. But the foreground is important … it’s where we live and serve and worship. Seeing the view past the local garage  in the foreground heightens the contrast between the distant view and the local reality. There’s a sermon illustration in there somewhere, something about seeing heaven from a distance, yet seeing it more clearly when we lift our vision up and beyond our present circumstance. Or perhaps we could talk about those who live in the area who don’t really see the view, whether because they’re used to it, or because it doesn’t interest them … and that our role is to show them.

I won’t go on, I think you get the idea!

But even when we are so hemmed in that we can’t see the view, God doesn’t leave us without tokens of his love and faithfulness … but we may only see them if we are looking for them, for him …