Saturday was hot and sunny, the sea was calm, there was a gentle breeze … a perfect day for a boat trip and a visit to Lundy Island.

The day started early, we left at 6am, and at one stage I thought I might have to drop out and let the others go without me, since just as we arrived at the landing stage, one of the lenses fell out of my glasses … no spare pair as they were at home in my handbag, which I’d left behind in favour of a rucksack :/ However, ever resourceful, DD2 and DH located a length of fishing line discarded and wrapped round a post, so they cut a piece free and used it to tie my lens in place! I was nervous that it would pop out again, and didn’t take them off on the boat or near the cliff edge, so I wasn’t able to use my binoculars as often as I would have liked, but I still managed to take plenty of photos …

One of the first things we saw ...

One of the first things we saw …

We chose not to go with the group seeking puffins … there was so much else we wanted to see. It felt quite crowded on the landing stage, but people soon dispersed and for much of the day we were on our own. We tracked up the west coast of the Island, past St Helen’s Church and the Old Light, to The Battery where we stopped to eat our picnic. Then on past the Punch Bowl to Jenny’s Cove, where we met up with the puffin group. The puffins were at some distance, and hard to spot amidst the guillemots, but they were definitely there!

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On the boat to the Island we had seen glimpses of porpoise in among the waves – though they weren’t easy to see in the waves. But on the way back the sea was almost still … so when the dolphins arrived, they were clearly visible both above and below the water … including a mother and calf swimming and leaping in perfect unison.

We saw a pod of dolphin ... but they were too quick for me!

We saw a pod of dolphin … but they were too quick for me!

It was a good day … one we’d love to repeat, although it would be hard to ensure the weather would be as perfect 😛