I added a few to my list on Saturday … DH took me on a bird watching river trip up the River Exe. It had a running commentary on the bird life we could supposedly see 🙂 I fired off hundreds of photographs, knowing that only a few would be of any use … I never did identify the Greenshank, although I did spot a Sanderling in one corner of an out of focus picture, and a Spotted Redshank among some rather blurry Godwit!

But part of the beauty was to see places we know so well from a different angle … to be on the other side of the mudflats (I had no idea they were so wide in places), to see how places relate to each other along the river bank, only a mile or so apart but several miles around by car.

The weather was mostly sunny, but of course that meant you could only take reasonable pictures in one direction … so I don’t have any useable photos of much of the west bank of the river, including Powderham Castle and the deer park. Any my camera isn’t that good anyway … so I have little evidence for some of my sightings. You’ll just have to take my word for it* 🙂

However sunny the weather, out on the water in early March the breeze, even from the south west, brings a chill with it. The boat had an upper, open deck and a lower, covered deck. Most people started up on top … after 2-3 hours most drifted downstairs. We stayed up, partly because I didn’t feel so good downstairs (it was rather smelly) … so by then end of the trip, some 3 1/2 hours, I was chilled to my core. But the sunset was full of colour … in fact, it was a day full of colours. I’m only sorry I don’t have more to show you …

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