Kit Hill is a Marilyn near Bodmin in Cornwall.

We chose a good day … it was sunny and warm, and the breeze kept us cool enough to enjoy walking 🙂 You can drive right to the top of the hill, which is what we did, simply to gain our bearings. The 360 degree view is spectacular …


But it’s not only the view that is breath-taking. The variety of wild-life, from bugs to birds to flowers is astonishing. We walked for a couple of hours, accompanied all the while by birdsong (even though it was late morning – the dawn chorus must be very special). I could identify some, including wren and skylark, but others eluded me, including a bird singing constantly from high branches on the various bushes along the way (there are no trees until much lower down). We tried hard to catch a decent photo, but only had our small cameras with us. We did manage to identify a Stonechat, by song and by sight. And saw Buzzard and Kestrel above us.

But we spent some of our time looking down at our feet … the terrain is scrubby, gorse and bracken (obviously no grazing animals on the hill), perfect for bug hunting … DD has a particular interest in crickets. We saw several and heard many more. We also saw butterflies … the Gatekeeper …

… and various others who wouldn’t keep still (including something blue but we didn’t get a close enough look to identify it). And spiders … including funnel spiders.


Both DH and DD had a good view of the spider in this hole, but I was a pace or two behind and it retreated before I could focus!

There were wildflowers everywhere, Forget-me-nots, Campion …


… some yellow, some white (which I couldn’t identify and the photos were useless!) … but I especially love the Foxglove poking out above the tall grasses.


And wild bilberries … tiny little fruits, related to (the forerunners of?) blueberries.

There were various pits and paths, and a few fenced-off areas around the mines and tunnels.


From the signboards, we picked out a place to visit one day soon …

Kit Hill - Minions

… I’m sure the residents of Minions are probably fed up with tourists, but I hope some of them know an opportunity when they see one so we might find a decent cream tea somewhere nearby 🙂

But the most exciting moment of the day was back in the car, driving off the hill, when we saw a Buzzard on a nearby branch, a female by size. She looked at us for a while, and as we firkled* around trying to reach for our cameras she simply glided off the branch, down the hill, slowly, lazily moving off to avoid attention. Impassive and impressive, it was a moment of sheer wonder.

*Urban Dictionary … a word I grew up with, but one that not many people seem to understand!