We planned to go for a walk in the shade …

A quick trip to the feed store for chicken supplies, then a drive up over Dartmoor with our picnic. We set out early enough, but it was well after lunch by the time we arrived!

Nevertheless, the wood is as magical as I remember. At this time of year, there are carpets of Bilberries among the bracken and holly seedlings …


Tiny little berries rather like blueberries, native to the UK … you’d need a while to pick enough for a pie, but they are sweet and tasty.

There are a couple of bird hides in the wood. We didn’t plan to spend long bird watching, but even in the short while we sat there, we saw some treats … including a Greater Spotted Woodpecker (female)


a Siskin


and a Nuthatch (no picture – I must go back with a better camera!).

There were dozens of tits around the feeders … including (we think) Marsh Tit … it wasn’t easy to tell them apart from the Coal Tits, but there was something about their shape that made us look twice … and Coal Tits have a distinctive white flash on the back of their neck while these birds simply had a black cap. I think I’m convinced … again, I must go back with a different camera!

We arrived so late in the day, and I was tired, so we didn’t stay too long. But we’ll be back … next time going directly there to make more of the day … and I’ll have my other camera with me, too!