I go weeks without posting, then three come along at once! ūüėÄ

I have been knitting. I’ve had a few projects on the go … primarily to have something to take with me to our monthly craft day at church. It began with a few of us getting together to ‘craft together’ … and has become quite a feature of our church social life. It’s not only church members who come however, and we have quite a few regulars who join us month by month, of all ages, young, old and in between. We’re not a large group, but between us we’ve brought¬†sewing, patchwork, knitting, decopatch, beading … all sorts. Whatever anyone brings to do, we all spend time to watch and ask questions and to admire.

This last month, N brought along her crochet. Having been inspired by one of the ladies teaching another lady to crochet (without, it has to be said, much success), she had taught herself to ‘hook’ and had found an online project to follow, released in instalments, a ‘crochet along’. I loved it, and asked if she’d mind if I did the same project. N didn’t mind, she was simply too enthusiastic about it to mind, so I sent for a pack of wool, downloaded the pattern, and I’m hooked on hooking!

I don’t crochet ‘properly’, as I hold the wool and hook as if I were knitting, which I understand is rather slow by comparison, but it’s growing fast and I love it. I always know when I’ve found a new passion (however long it lasts) as all at once I have dozens of ideas in my head for future projects …

But for now, take a look at the Spice of Life crochet along … click on the image for details.

I have always loved wool, and used to knit almost exclusively with Jaegar Matchmaker (100% merino wool). It is now discontinued, but while idly browsing the internet for ideas and resources (ie cheap yarn), I came across a closing down sale, and bought up a few colours at only ¬£1 a ball! Which, together with the few colours left in my stash (and many ends from various projects, which I never threw away), will be enough¬†for my next project, once I’ve decided what that is. And after that, well, I can continue to use the same yarn as¬†the Spice of Life bundle. It’s 100% acrylic, but is lovely to work with and perfect for blankets, and not too expensive.

So I spent last evening winding balls of yarn from scrap ends and knotted bundles. I can sense DH wondering just how long this particular passion will last …