I knew there was something I wanted to add to my post on Praise yesterday, but I forgot. I forget things all too easily these days (especially names), and that, together with becoming diabetic, having hypertension, arthritis and the beginnings of cataracts, makes me think that old age is creeping up on me a decade or so too early (I’m not yet 60 if you are hesitating to ask …).

But something jogged my memory, so I’m back again. One of the blogs I read regularly, at least, as regularly as the author writes anything (I use Feedly to keep track), is theministersmrs. Recently she wrote this thoughtful piece on growing old. It really struck me … I said in my previous post that I find it hard to sustain prayer for any length of time … but really, I have simply lost my concentration/focus/first love. I wouldn’t say I simply ‘go through the motions’, but I’m conscious I used to feel the presence of God much more closely, and I miss it. But instead of spending time with him, I get distracted (see the post on my latest project, for example!).

So theministersmrs’ post struck a chord.

Not everyone makes old age or even middle age, but we are not meant for this world alone. We are meant for Heaven.We have a soul, a spirit made in God’s image. The body that you have now will one day cease functioning. Death is not the end. We will live on, the Bible tells us so.

I suppose I’ve been feeling rather depressed following my diagnosis as diabetic though let’s not go into the feelings of  guilt and hopelessness surrounding it. But whatever the cause, however much I have contributed to it, God knows all, and is still looking to my future with him. So rather than focussing on what might have been, I need to focus forward, to being with him, to prepare for being with him. Together with the article on C S Lewis’ theology of praise, I think God has, once again, been speaking into my life. Even without my paying attention, he does that from time to time. Praise him for his faithfulness.

Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands. (2 Corinthians 5:1)