I finished my ‘Spice of Life’ crochet along 🙂 I’m really quite pleased with it, although I can see several faults in it. And I’m well into my second attempt … making a whole load of different mistakes and trying out some tips and tricks* I picked up from the FB group for the project.

But my biggest mistake was right back at the  beginning … I wanted to make a slightly larger blanket as I had plenty of yarn left from the first yarn pack … the pattern repeat was supposed to be 12 stitches (plus one for turning), so I added 24 to the original cast on of 157 = 181. Only I miscounted (is that a word? You know what I mean),  and added an additional 44 instead (I count in 20s when knitting or hooking) = 201. And then to make matters worse, I ‘lost’ 3 stitches in the first treble rows = 198. I didn’t discover my mistake(s) until I counted stitches in preparation for the first pattern rows, but I couldn’t face ripping it all out to start again, so I did some calculations and found to my surprise that a pattern repeat of 6 stitches worked perfectly well, so I added one stitch in the first pattern row = 199 = 33×6+1! Perfect … if rather larger than I intended 🙂

It might take me rather longer than the first, but it will be perfectly serviceable,  and much brighter …


*If you’re at all interested,  the two main tips and tricks I’m using are a foundation treble start and a standing treble colour change.