Over the past two weeks, this has slowly turned into …


Making a square blanket is quite different … as you gain more and more stitches, each row gets longer and longer … I’m currently working on 204 stitches per side, that’s 816 per row! The final pattern is around 1200 sts per row … before you add the border. It feels as if you’re getting slower and slower with each round 🙂 It certainly has some different patterns in it, which is why I chose it … and I have another two patterns lined up to follow.


Then one day I fully intend to make a blanket of my very own – side to side, not round and round – but using my favourite of all the stitches I’ve learned. I think I know what colours I want to use …

I won’t show you the blanket I finished just before this one as it’s a gift for someone … when it’s been received, I’ll try and remember to post a couple of photos as it’s my favourite yet 🙂

The pattern above is Dutch crochet along 2015 … I’ve picked up a couple of errors in the pattern, and added in a row of trebles when the stitch count simply didn’t make sense, but the pictures make it easy to follow.