It’s been a hectic few weeks. I was involved in setting up a prayer space in church in the week leading up to Pentecost – a national prayer project initiated by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York.


We had ‘prayer stations’ around the church, based on the Lord’s Prayer. It was exciting to see folk getting involved in the creativity, even those who felt they had nothing original to contribute. Then during the open week itself, any number of folk spent time in prayer in the church building, and, when it was quiet, out on the street inviting strangers to ask for prayer. There was genuine fellowship among those who were ‘stewarding’ the event, and many relationships were strengthened, which can only be a beneficial at a time of change in our churches.

A number of other good things happened during the week, and I hope we can do something similar in the not too distant future.

That was Monday to Friday, then on the Saturday a number of us went to the Peninsular Women’s conference (PWC) at Exeter. The teaching wasn’t brilliant … so I wrote my own notes on Paul’s letter to Titus as we went alone … but the occasion was really quite special, so good to be with others, and the worship was excellent! And I bought any number of books 🙂

Then after playing catch up for a week, another group of us went to PWC Truro … a much longer day/journey, in a far less comfortable venue, but the teaching was excellent, this time on Habakkuk. The seminars were also very good. A number of the group had never been to anything like it before … so on Sunday, I held open house around the vicarage kitchen table for folk to come for tea and to talk … nine of us gathered and shared and prayed together – another very special occasion. And we hope to do something similar again … a series of discussions based on a topical theme, starting from a biblical viewpoint … led by members of the group – their idea! God has been ‘giving the increase’ for some months now, ever since we combined our two small congregations into one … there is a real sense of expectation about our worship, and joy … and, naturally (sic) opposition, but only from a tiny number of folk, so we try to keep things in perspective and rejoice at all that God is doing. So this new group is, I think, a further evidence of growth.

Not much time for a breather before the girls come home from Uni for the summer. So learning a new song at the Truro conference helped embed that sense of God’s presence in my busy-ness …

I’ll post about ongoing projects another time … lots of photos! 😉