In my last post I said I would soon post about ‘ongoing projects’. In fact, I’ve actually finished a few things since last posting about anything crafty 🙂


A shawl(ette), pattern by Cherry Heart – there are some lovely details, but you do have to like making ‘puffs’!



I’ve made this twice now, both in a soft grey, but I wanted to make something slightly larger, so I adapted the pattern by using a butterfly motif instead of the puffs,



which uses far less yarn, so I’ve been able to add in two extra pattern repeats for the same amount of wool. I couldn’t decide how to adapt the edging, so am going to use a simple ruffled edge (3tr blo in each stitch) … I haven’t quite reached that yet, and may not quite have sufficient yarn, so I’ll keep going and see – I can pull back and adapt if I have to. I definitely prefer the slightly larger size, so may yet make another, this time allowing myself three balls of 100g … !


I have just worked the final row on the top edge and really like the effect of the simple dc border …


One other finish was a project to use up some ends, a pram blanket in moss stitch.


I love the stitch, but it took me quite a while to work out how to keep the sides straight, so it’s rather wonky. I settled on having an even number of stitches and starting each row 2dc … ||-|-|-| … that way, each row begins and ends the same, and I don’t have to think about it. It’s quite a firm edge so it’s not totally necessary to finish the edge with a border row. It’s quite a dense fabric, but the yarn is soft.

I like having a project on the go that I don’t have to think about, and can make while watching television or talking with friends (that’s why I ended up making the grey shawl twice!), but my other two projects need more concentration.

I’m not sure I’ve shown you this before … I do have some photos of earlier stages, but this is where I’m at just now.


This is Sophie’s Universe which grew out of a smaller project, Sophie’s garden. It’s intricate, and in this cotton yarn, very colourful …


I still have some way to go. The colours are a kit, and should be sufficient, but my tension is rather loose, so I’m hoping I can complete it without buying more.


I thought I had another simple project lined up, a blanket in squares, which also makes it more portable. However, when I made up a square in scrap yarn, I didn’t like it – not the colours, but the making of it. I decided I couldn’t face making 48 of the same pattern, so I’ve been looking around for another design to use with the colours I had ready, and found this,


These are my colours, but you can see the pattern in many different colourways, Lise (you may need to be signed in to Ravelry to view – my apologies). My plan is to make up the squares with random colours, but keep the edging (final three rows) the same colour. It may be one of those projects I don’t quite like by the time I’ve finished, but I may yet decide I do, so I’ll keep going, though I’ve laid the project to one side for now, as my time to concentrate on crochet is limited and I want to finish Sophie’s Universe before beginning this. But I shall soon need to find another simple project for those long hours I spend watching tv …