I’m of a mind to perhaps sell these … to make way for more projects and ideas.

Do you think anyone would be interested?

I finished the shawl with a ruffle edge, using just 2 balls of yarn, and I’m really pleased with it 🙂 I’m happy too, with the clamshell cot blanket … a simple edging, as I didn’t want to distract from the colours and pattern of the blanket, but perhaps I could have done more? Anyway, I’ve chosen my colours to do a larger clamshell blanket for my own bed …


See that tiny ball of Sherbet? I found it in my scraps bag, and really like it in this mix. I found a ball of Empire (middle left) yesterday – not a colour I’ve used before, but fell in love with it alongside the Turquoise, and although I’m not including it in this blanket, Lipstick + Empire + Turquoise is an amazing combination … I can’t imagine when I might ever use them together though! (You can see the full range of colours here)

I still have the bug for crochet … though I am less ambitious than at the beginning. I’d much rather have a simple project on the go to keep my hands busy, than something I really have to concentrate on … but I will finish Sophie’s Universe eventually!

And I’ve found a lovely range of cotton yarn, similar to that I’m using for Sophie, in a local store … but I just can’t decide what pattern I might use it for, so I’m resisting buying … for now!