The clamshell blanket is taking a while to complete, but I’m about halfway now.

I’m still loving these colours!

I have been a little distracted … I keep a bag of yarns ends handy, to try out any new stitches I see, so recently I set up a zig zag pattern with scrap baby wool to see if I like it enough to make a blanket … I’m still not sure, but I’ll finish my sample piece as a pram blanket.

Perhaps I will like it more in a thicker yarn, so I will put it on hold. The thing is, I have a stash of pinks I want to use after all those blues … but I may have a plan. Someone somewhere (? Facebook) mentioned corner-to-corner crochet (C2C) … so I looked it up, and gave it a try …

My sample was only a small square, but I really like the effect. I can see something cot-sized in pink being fun to make! However, there is no easy way to sew in the ends, and I have not yet found a satisfactory method of working them in as I go, so I need to work on that. And of course, I still have a blue butterfly shawl on the go, small enough to carry around with me. So perhaps my slow progress with the clamshell is really a lack of focus?!

I’m aware that there is rather more on this blog about crochet just now than anything else, so have been considering starting another just for my yarn adventures … but I have found a plethora of such blogs out in the ethernet, and am not convinced any contribution I might make would be of any real value. So I don’t mind if you skip a post or two!