I love touring charity shops – not for clothes, I am never very successful buying clothes: instead, I look at the china, while DH looks at the books. On holiday, there are new charity shops to explore – every area is different,  as are the prices. I look for anything I might like in the kitchen – it’s an inexpensive way of ‘ringing the changes’; Poole Pottery (only certain designs/colours); teapots; and Pyrex casseroles – the patterned kind that were popular in the 1970’s (with or without lids!) 🙂

I’ve had a few successes – a complete (every day) dinner service for £10 was particularly satisfying, as was adding several items to my (only for special occasions) Poole Pottery dinner service with a job lot for £20 (usually the price of one dinner plate). And a few near misses – I found a small Poole Pottery vase for £15 (which sounds a lot but I was willing to pay it), only to discover the day before they had received a donation of matching items that filled the shelf and which they had sold almost instantly at a ridiculously low price. I really don’t know why the purchaser chose not to buy the one vase they had left!

I really don’t have room for much more … so I resisted a number of items this summer … until I noticed a set of books, all in matching binding (like the image on this page) – which turned out to be a nearly complete set of Nevil Shute … no price marked. They weren’t as cheap as I’d hoped, but I bought the lot for something less than I would have paid for the separate books (if you see what I mean) … they are unmarked, unread library copies, a bit dusty and with a few brown marks on one or two pages, but I didn’t buy them to collect, I bought them to read!

There are a number of Shute’s novels that I haven’t read as they aren’t readily available … but I have enjoyed all the ones I have read … and can’t wait to read more. If only I could get off this computer …