I took Sophie with me … not really intending to finish her, but I got on fairly well and thought I might complete her by the time we came home, until …


… no more turquoise!  So I’m currently awaiting supplies … for Sophie and possibly (if I like the yarn I’ve chosen) to start Mandala Madness when Sophie is done. I don’t need another large piece, so I’m hoping to reduce the size by using a number 10 crochet weight thread (approx 2 ply, if I’m not mistaken) in pastel colours for a contrast to Sophie.



I’m not sure Sophie is ever going to lie flat … I know my tension isn’t quite right, as I hold the yarn in my hook hand, as for knitting, and not the traditional way for crochet. But I enjoy myself … and that’s why I do it (that, and keeping me awake in the evenings until it’s time for bed!).


The Virus Shawl (what a name!) is something of an internet sensation … no-one knows who designed it, and there are no (original) written instructions, simply a chart. Virus shawl written pattern

I had some cotton 4ply yarn I’d picked up in a sale at 75% reduction (I was’t going to let that go, even though I didn’t at the time have a project in mind), so I made one a few weeks ago: 200gms makes a reasonable sized shawl, including a slightly lacy edging (simply *dc, ch3, skip 1* making the dc in the trebles of the outer row, and 2dc in the trebles, 3dc in the chain rings of the straight edge). Just before our holiday, I’d found some more cotton 4ply, this time at 50% off in a closing down sale. And I had that with me on holiday – just in case 🙂



I’d like to try this in a variegated yarn, but I really can’t afford to spend much on yarns, so I’ll keep looking at the sales, and in the meanwhile, I might try and sell these two (I have enough of the pink cotton to make another one for myself) to justify the initial expense. I don’t really have an outlet where they would sell at a a price covering the yarn at full cost, sadly, so if I can simply sell then at twice my outlay, that will have to do.

We had plenty of days out, and a couple of swims in the sea – I didn’t spend my whole time hooking – but I don’t have quite as much time at home in my every day life to be quite so prolific, but I try and make a little time each day …