This week I cleared the floor of DD1’s bedroom, now that she’s back at Uni for her final year. One of my ‘finds’ was a bangle, part of a set that I eventually located, abandoned, on top of a cupboard. As I sat down with my crochet for a coffee break, I had an idea …

I had some crochet cotton leftovers, so I practised a star … well, more of a pentangle really, since it would need another couple of rows for the star shape to become evident. Then I went back upstairs and retrieved the bangles, around one of which which I worked the chain spaces of the points of the last round of the star. I finished by chaining a hoop. Then I did it again with some red sparkly thread … I’m really pleased with the result đŸ™‚

The colour in the pic isn’t great, but the finished Christmas decoration is bright and sparkly … and was quick to make. So we have some new decs for our tree this year … and DD1 will never miss a thing đŸ™‚