I am still waking early, so took my camera and the car and drove to Rhyll to see what I could see … I didn’t get far, not even actually into the car, before seeing something of interest – to me, that is, I’m sure the neighbours here don’t even notice them. Galah are really common birds, but they are so pretty, and we have nothing like it, and there was a flock feeding on the verge just outside the house.



I’ve been taking photographs of any bird we see … we can identify them later! It doesn’t matter whether they are common or rare, to us they are all exotic.


I spent some time on the beach, mostly focussed on a couple of trees where some birds (noisy things) were feeding … some good images, but still no idea what they are, even having studied the bird book. I haven’t even tried to id bugs or plants! I’ve been able to send some images to DD2 for identification … we’re not on the internet here, but I have several to send once we get back to the apartment.


Once Tim was up and dressed, we drove a short distance to one end of Rhyll Inlet. It was warming up, but we decided to walk as far as we could while we could. The Inlet covers the tidal reach, with different habits at high, intermediate and low tide lines, ending in the mangroves, trees adapted to the salt water, which provide habit and protection to various species of bird, animal and bug life.


Mangrove roots coming up for air


The mangroves go on for miles

The first thing we saw were the spider webs – not possible to get a good photograph of the spiders with either of my cameras, but they were beautiful. Then someone on the boardwalk called us over to see wallabies in the undergrowth 🙂


The views across to French Island were good, and we considered walking to Rhyll, but it was getting hotter, so we retreated to the car, and moved on to the Koala sanctuary. What a contrast to Penguin Parade, and what a delight! We cooled off in the café area before spending time on the tree top boardwalks, where we saw Koalas as we hoped, but also various birds, including a Kookabura … it is a magical place. We used the café to cool off whenever we needed it, and bought various souvenirs for presents.


See next post for more!

The heat was fairly intense by now, mid-afternoon, so we retreated to the house to cool off, and found ourselves, 10,000 miles from home, watching Pointless on television!

Early evening, we went back down to Rhyll beach, again to see what we could see … no Pelican this time, but there were Ibis on the shoreline … and a heron … magnificent birds.


Australian White Ibis with fledgling


White-faced Heron

Before going back to the house and watching … Tony Robinson in Australia, and then Morse in Australia! We slept with the window open to catch the breeze, but it was still very warm … and there are forecasts of heatwave at the weekend!