We slowly packed up, enjoying the house for as long as possible. Then on the way off the island, we stopped off at a local nature reserve … not much to see, as it’s only recently been established, but you can see the potential of what it will become with time. So we continued on to Churchill Island, over a short bridge, to the Heritage Farm. It tells the story of the early settlers and is a delightful spot … much like our own heritage farms, but with wallabies as well as sheep!


As we drove away from the farm, we noticed a large pond to one side of the road – we hadn’t seen it on the way in. Although it wasn’t signposted, there was a car park, and views across the small lake, which had a few small islands (some more like sandbanks) … and birds, lots and lots of birds. We spent a happy hour there, spotting and photographing as many different birds as we could …

Then a gentle drive back to the car hire to drop off the car before catching the train back to the city … in good time to have a shower and change and eat before heading off to the athletics at the Lakeside Stadium.


It was manic! Athletics with a difference, not only different competitively, but also with the razzmatazz of loud music and incessant hype. Once we adjusted our expectations, we had a great time … loved the athletics, got photos of Usain Bolt and of Seb Coe amongst others, and just about managed to follow the teams’ progress through the competition.



We decided to walk most of the way home – it had taken us quite a while to get there by tram and we figured out a shorter route across the park and picking up a tram nearer home. It was a lovely evening, much cooler but still warm enough wearing a t-shirt and fleece.