It began as a cool, cloudy day, so we walked the river into the city centre, and up Swanston Street to Queen Victoria Market (also known as The Queen Vic).


Along the way, we enjoyed the sights and sounds, including the many buskers … the man playing the digerereedoo was quite a performer! We had a quick detour into Chinatown, though there seemed to be as many Japanese stalls as Chinese. But it was too early in the day for there to be much activity.


On arrival at the market, we were overwhelmed with the scale … not of the outdoor traditional street market, but of the food halls – it was like the best farmers’ market ever – with a meat and fish hall, a deli area, the grocery stalls and a separate organic section. The quality and range in each section was excellent … I should love to try some of the meats we saw, and to have access to the green grocery on a regular basis.

We bought our lunch, and decided to eat early, sitting outside as the sun came out from behind the clouds. There was a busker … English accent … using a foot operated multi-track recording device – it was fascinating to listen to him putting down each layer of sound, never breaking rhythm or mistiming a pedal.

It was getting hotter, so we moved on, taking a tram to ease my aching feet (I really do struggle in the warm weather), to the Eureka Skydeck. Tim waited on ground level, while I took the lift (at 35 kph it takes less than 45secs 😮 ) up to the 88th floor … the view is spectacular, and the building impressive … you can feel the gentle sway (especially in the lift), but the unsettling bit is the floor … it’s not level, or at least it doesn’t appear to be level … it may be a visual illusion, but it meant I felt the need to hold on to something from time to time!



The glass is covered with gold leaf (24ct no less), to reflect the light, so the sun isn’t an issue, but it’s never easy to take photographs through glass. Nevertheless I tried … with both cameras … at least the pics will convey the general effect, the scale of the thing.


Once back on terra firma, we walked along the south bank to DFO for Tim to replace his sunglasses, which kept popping a lens. I really couldn’t walk much further after that, so we hopped on a tram, straight through to Fitzroy Gardens . We really enjoyed the gentle walks and especially the modern design of many of the elements. I particularly enjoyed the walk along the stream, which was created to conserve rainwater, but which provides a much more picturesque scene than you might imagine.


Tim was as tired as my feet by this time, so we took the tram home – Tim unfortunately discovering along the way that he had lost his Myki card. We completed our journey nevertheless, stopping to buy supplies at Woolworths as we passed. And so home for today … and a quick dip in the rooftop pool to cool off (at least, for me).