J generously came to collect us again this Sunday, to take us to church. After coffee following the service, R took us off to a picnic with her family and friends, at Warrandyte, along the River Yarra. Her brother-in-law is a birder and was delighted to have some novices with him, very generously taking time to point out everything he saw and answer all our questions. Tim saw far more than I did – not only am I slow to focus, but I was concentrating on the camera, too. Tim brought his binoculars all the way from the UK then forgot to take them with him, so he did well with a borrowed pair!

We had brief sightings of many birds, most of which BiL could identify instantly (as he could for birdsong, too). One of the family, L, also had a camera with her, and was far better than I at catching shots of birds in the bush, so sometimes BiL identified birds from her photos. L was insistent we find some kangaroos, so we walked on to where they often gather … and sure enough, there was a ‘mob’ in attendance. We stayed at a distance (not least because BiL and others were excited to see three or four Wedge-tailed Eagles in flight), so I didn’t take any close-ups, but it was exciting to see them – and L was able to identify those that had Joeys, by their posture and size of pouch.

Back to the picnic site … then on again to the waterfall, to see if we could spot an Azure Kingfisher … not this time, but it was a lovely site.

Then back to J&L for dinner … and time to talk and pray together. We’ll see them a bit more this week; it is so good to share fellowship with family when away from home, even on holiday.