Since it’s a Bank Holiday, I’m resolutely doing nothing remotely connected with church – our busy patch is turning into a busy season, perhaps even lifestyle, and there is always the danger of becoming overwhelmed. I have made adjustments to my commitments, to create a rhythm of busy and not so busy weeks … but that doesn’t apply to DH. We have however, settled on an annual pattern of breaks and holidays for the future … something we’ve struggled with since the girls started the exam years … not that the exams are over, but at least for DD1, they are part of her work routine, and she is living independently. DD2 is still job hunting, and waiting for her MSc results, but in the meanwhile has settled into living at home fairly easily.

So after being in the garden while it was still cool – I am loving this summer’s heatwaves, but it does create work; watering and weeding – I have spent some time with some recent finishes. They’ve been slow, it’s been far too hot to sit under an almost finished blanket sewing in ends (!), but they are done now. And I am without a project 😮 I have fallen in love with another mosaic pattern but it’s not yet fully released (and it’s still too warm to do more than a few rows).


This is a highly textured blanket, and I’ve loved picking up new stitches. I also have an idea for an en point granny square blanket, using the same method of squaring off. It will easily top a double bed.


Cot-sized in my version – not perfect, but fun to plan and make.

Finishing Indian Summer

I rarely block a piece of work, but this one curled badly, so I tried – I’m not convinced it will make much difference, but it was worth a try.

Click on titles for links to the patterns. For more details of the projects, see the gallery page 🙂