This blog has deteriorated into a record of my crochet projects and not much else … but it’s my blog, so I suppose that’s OK! 😀

First up, a commission – a dear friend of mine, A, has a friend who is adopting a 2yr old girl. She’s arriving with nothing, and A wanted to give her something to fill in the gaps of her early childhood. A has two grandsons, and apparently their favourite comforters are the blankets I made them when they were born! So A asked me to make a baby blanket for this new little one …

A chose the style and colours, and this lovely squishy waffle blanket is now on it’s way to it’s new home 🙂

I have any number of on-going projects … and of course, leftover yarn from all of them once they are finished. So I needed a scrap project. The Seaside Stash Buster (!) came to mind, as I’d first noticed it some time last year, and it seemed ideal …

… I loved how the colours came together 🙂

It didn’t take long, and I Ioved every moment of it … I took it to our church Craft day – where we all take our projects and get very little done as we sit and talk and drink tea all day – to add a border once I’d sewn in all the peskies (ends). A lady sat next to me who is undergoing regular chemotherapy, so after she admired it, and I’d finish the simple dc border, I gave it to her … but I was careful to get some photos first!

Sadly I wasn’t able to get a picture of the whole blanket, but I have a record of the colours and stitches … I’d like to use the colours again, and there are a couple of stitches I’d like to use in a project of some kind, esp the basket weave (rather like the waffle but a slightly different arrangement of stitches).

Now I’m working on a couple of CALs, but not all the parts have yet been released (I’d rather start only when I have the complete pattern) … so I shall have to find something else to take on holiday. Which means I may have completed two projects, but I have just as many on the go as before!