I am a clergy wife and mother of two – both girls now adults and in various stages of leaving home. However in 2017 my mother came to live with us, so we remain a multi-generational household 🙂 We also have cats, some hens and a garden to care for.

I’ve always been an active church member, but having a lazy streak my hobbies are sedentary, usually something to do with yarn or thread … over the years I’ve done patchwork, made lace, learned to knit socks and sewn cross stitch. Knitting will always my first love; however these past two or three years I have taken to the hook and now spend most of my free time (and some time that I really should be doing something else) crocheting.

I also blog, take photos, and occasionally read. When I’m not watching television, that is …

I have always believed in God, but we got to know each other in my late teens, since when faith has been the shape of my life and relationships. Being married to a Vicar makes it relatively easy to keep Jesus front and centre, but it doesn’t mean either of us finds it easy.

I hope all these aspects of my life are evident as you read this blog 🙂